Chantecaille Lip Cristal

If you are thinking you don’t need another red lipstick you are mistaken. I recently purchased Chantecaille’s new Lip Cristal in “Carnelian” from the limited edition Polar Ice collection. Its a stunning sparkling ruby red, the bullet itself resembles a lush velvet texture infused with multicolored glitter. The finish of the lipstick isn’t matte however, it is beautiful metallic shine that is nourishing on the lips, as it fades it leaves the loveliest hint of glimmer to the lips. With the sparkle effect you get you would think that the formula would be a little gritty but it’s literally weightless – you can’t feel any texture on your lips at all! It does go on a little sheer and I like more opacity and precision so I purchased their lipliner in “Desire”, a true red with a water-proof formula to go with it. The packaging is also cute as hell, its white with a square magnetic closure (similar to the Nars Audacious lipsticks) with an icy blue polar bear on it. Adorable. There are also two other colors of lipsticks, “Citrine”, a peachy orange shimmer and “Tourmaline” a pink sparkle. It also includes three opalescent nail polishes and a stunning eyeshadow palette.

This is by far the prettiest lipstick I’ve ever seen AND I can actually feel good about this purchase because for everyone of these lipsticks sold, the company will plant a tree to help battle global warming. They state “The effect of trees on the atmosphere has proven to counter-act these warming effects, making young forests the hope for the future of our planet. TheAttenborough Foundation has pledged to create an “Attenborough Canopy” and plant trees in Kenya as a protective measure against the growing crisis of global warming.”

This is a limited edition collection and stock is going fast! I picked mine up at my local Bluemercury store in South Beach but I know all Bluemercury stores will ship anywhere in the country for free. Get your hands on this lipstick if you can. You’re not gonna want to miss out on this collection.

Winter Skincare Favorites

Living in Florida and using the word ‘winter’ may seem like a joke compared to the sub-zero conditions in the rest of the country,  but the temps do drop here (a little bit) and, more importantly, the air gets drier. Not to mention the drastic change in tempertures virtually every day causing my skin to have mini panic attacks and making my dry sensitive skin even more reactive. These are a few products I’ve added into my routine to help.

p.s. New York winters – I dont miss you.

Chantecaille Rose De Mai Face Oil. Now this is my favorite product on the list so I’d thought we would start out with a bang. This oil is amazing at making my skin feel nourished and hydrated without heaviness. It contains FIVE different types of roses including Rose De Mai (a key ingredient with massive anti-oxidant properties), Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Rose Damascena, and Rose GeraniumChilean tree bark helps to brighten while Winged Kelp helps to tone and Paracress to help firm the skin. I like to use this over my moisturizer if I’m feeling extra dry, or red, sometimes I mix it right in. I also love this under my foundation as its not a heavy oil but offers significant hydration and makes my makeup go on beautifully.  It’s a little pricey – but you get what you pay for. This product is cruelty-free, paraben-free; phthalate-free; sulfate detergent-free; mineral oil-free; petrolatum-free; palm oil-free; synthetic color-free; synthetic fragrance-free; GMO-free; animal component-free. It checks off every box and is worth it in my opinion.






Patchology “Soothe” Flashmasque – Think of it as a flash facial for your skin, this sheet mask accelerates delivery of the ingredients to the skin with its unique material, so you see results in just five minutes (although I have been known to leave it on wayyy longer). The company, which just launched in 2014, originally developed innovative patch technologies for the medical field, pretty cool huh? Aloe vera and cotton seed oil are the stars here providing anti-inflammatory properties that calm the skin, and help with redness. It also contains an ingredient new to me called “schisandra berry” which is supposed to help improve moisture and have a plumping effect while rosemary, sage and lavender help repair irritated skin. It’s an easy way to hydrate and “soothe” your skin while terrifying anyone unlucky enough to spot you while wearing it LOL. ::Cue Halloween theme song::





Tatcha Lumious Dewy Skin Mist – Most of you have probably heard of this product, I’m on my second bottle of this. It’s an amazing milky skin mist that is different then all of the water based/alcohol sprays on the market (I’m looking at you Caudalie beauty elixir). It contains more than 20% botanical oils and humectants that leave skin dewy including squalene, camellia seed oil, red algae and Tatcha’s anti-ageing, antioxidant-rich HADASEI-3™ complex that acts to “rehydrate and bring life back to dull, parched skin”. I use this product in a variety of ways; you can use it over make-up instead of your water-based setting spray (which tends to be drying) it helps to prevent cakiness and keeps you hydrated in colder weather although it doesn’t help with longevity of your look. I also like to spray it while trying to blend thicker foundations to create a more luminous look. You can use it to refresh the skin and add a moisture boost during the day, or to prep skin before your skincare or a mask. It’s free from Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates.



What do you use to soothe dry, red, irritated skin this time of the year? Let me know!


Odacité – natural skincare

First of all, I know I’ve been absent from posting for a bit. Let me explain, I started a new job, traveled a bit and needed to get back on track. Thanks for sticking with me!

During my little hiatus I’ve been experimenting with a ton of newer and more natural skincare products. Get ready to see a ton of fresh goodies! I’ll start with Odacité skincare, named after a french play on “audacity”. It was founded by owner Valarie Grandury who overcame a cancer diagnosis with 5 years to live, surviving and beating the disease like a total boss. She became a health and wellness coach and later founded the brand based off two main values, efficacy + purity. The whole line is extremely pure and clean, what you see is what you get. Their ingredient lists almost read like recipes; no weird chemicals you can’t pronounce. They have a whole line of bespoke skincare targeted at different concerns. Lately I’ve been playing with the Green Ceremony Cleanser and Gt+L Radiance Effect oil. roilffront

The Radiance Effect serum concentrate is absolutely lovely. This specific oil is made to brighten, and add luminosity back in the skin. On each bottle it has a specific code unique to the product. You can use that to find out what ingredients are in the product and where they are from. The brand wants to show that you are getting the purist ingredients from the best sources. This specific oil contains lemongrass (from India and Asia) and I just have to say the smell of the citrus is delectable and a nice pick-me-up especially in the a.m. In aromatherapy the scent is supposed to relive tension and revitalize which it definitely does. roilingredientsThe base is a Camellia seed oil which is from the seeds of green tea (from Japan), it’s also cold pressed for potency and contains Vitamin E, antioxidants and plant collagen. I love to mix this with my moisturizer in the morning, it lays beautifully under makeup. It’s a gorgeous product that really does leave you with a glow. I also love that fact that the oils don’t contain preservatives – The dark medicine bottles ARE the only preservative, how cool is that? The oils do have a 6 month shelf life once they are opened because of how natural it is, but they won’t be too hard to use up. I’ll definitely be checking out a few more once I finish this bottle.

greenjarThe Green Ceremony Cleanser is such a unique product. It’s a green powder cleanser consisting of a matcha and spirulina base that comes housed in a sturdy glass jar, it also comes with a scoop and a muslin cloth. What you do is create a little bathroom alchemy by mixing water with about a half a scoop (trust me, the whole thing is too much!) and when the mixture starts to foam massage it in to your skin and then rinse with luke warm water.

greenscoopThis is more of a detoxifying treatment that gives you a super deep cleanse, its recommended for use every other day with an oily skin, I have reactive, sensitive dry skin so I use it about 3-4 times week in place of my regular cleanser for a deep clean and detox in the a.m. or as a second cleanse in the p.m. I wouldn’t use it to take off make-up. You get such a clean feeling when you wash with it your skin will thank you.

Have you tried anything from this brand? I’m dying to try thier Aventurine Lip Serum next, its a roller ball applicator made out of a green aventurine which is to promote luck but it contains mint, capsicum (the spicy stuff in pepper), CoQ-10, and Vitamin-C. Do you have any recommendations for some new *clean* products? Let me know!

Till next time,

XX Taryn

orange crush ⟶ summer look

Colorful Lightweight Summer Make-Up Look


So lately (like most of the makeup community) I have been really into warm tones. I wanted to create a look that wasn’t exactly natural but also wasn’t a mask, had a pop of color, and lasted all day. I mean, you don’t want your sweat to move around layers of makeup on your skin. But you also want to look flawless. Not a lot to ask for, right? I ended up with an orange semi-smokey look with a killer wing I created using Mia Adora’s Unshakeable Eyeliner, more on that later.

My secret when I want a more natural skin finish is to use a lighter coverage foundation, fuller coverage concealer, and the tiniest amount of powder. For this look I used L’Oreal’s Lumi Cushion Foundation. It keeps me glowy but it doesn’t offer a ton of coverage so it’s perfect for days like this, then like to go in with a more pigmented concealer to spot conceal problem areas. I used my Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer for this and you really only need the tiniest amount of this stuff, it’s pigmented. I like to go under my eyes, around my nose, and chin then I bounce the remains of the product on my forehead with whatever is left on my beauty blender. That way I have a flawless base without the heaviness. I set my t-zone with my favorite Charlotte Tilbury powder. For cheeks I have Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Blush in “Brilliant Nude” + Becca’s “Moonstone”, an oldie but a goodie. For my lips I combined Urban Decay’s “Naked 2” lipliner + “Fuel” lipstick for the perfect warm neutral lip. naturallightoranget

The eyes are the focus of the look, for that I used UD’s “Naked Heat” to create this softer orange smokey eye and for my intense wing I’m using Mia Adora’s Unshakeable Eyeliner. This stuff is pigmented, precise, and sweat proof. It lasted through a SoBe summer day and didn’t smudge or budge. Did I also mention it’s extremely affordable? I loved it so much I asked them for a discount code for my readers. Get 20% of anything on their site using code “TARYN20” at checkout. I am also giving away an Unshakeable Eyeliner to one lucky person 🍀 simply follow my instagram @tarynlauren and comment on my latest photo captioned *giveaway* with your current favorite summertime beauty product for a chance to win one for yourself!! This contest is going to run all week until next Wednesday 8/8/18! I’ll DM the winner!!

So how do you think it turned out? Do you have any go-to summer looks? Whats your makeup preference when the weather is hot? Let me know in the comments down below and have an awesome day!

xx Taryn


skincare empties summer 2018

July 2018 Empties

As I’ve gotten (a little) older I’ve really upped my skincare game. I never thought there would be a  time when I spent more on skincare then makeup but that time has come. I mean your makeup is only as good as your skin, let’s be real. I’m always experimenting with products and treatments to see what works and what doesn’t for my dry, sensitive skin. The more I learn about skincare ingredients and how they work, and react with each other the more I realize I don’t know.. like with anything in life. However I’ve gained a little insight over the years of researching and trying that I’m pretty confident in recommending things that work. If your skin is anything like mine you may find your new HG, but everyone is different. Let me know in the comments below if you tried and liked any of these goodies!


protinitaryn⟶ Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream 1.69 oz for $68. “The megamino get shit done cream”. I’ve been a DE fan for awhile now, and was super excited for this launch and it didn’t disappoint. I can say I’ve developed some pretty strong feelings for this moisturizer, and it has become part of my daily ritual both morning and night. Let’s start with the texture, it sits somewhere between a gel and cream its lightweight but hydrating. Normally I like to mix other moisturizer’s with this for the perfect blend of textures on my dry skin. This potion is packed with 9 plant-derived peptide growth factors which is basically protein for the skin, they strengthen and provide nourishment, giving you healthy bouncy younger looking skin – it also contains marula oil, and antioxidants which doesn’t hurt. I’m already on my third one.


ufotaryn⟶ Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra- Clarifying Acne Treatment Face Oil 1.18 fl oz for $80. This oil replaced my old favorite, Artemis Oil (r.i.p.) and helps maintain clear skin and smooth complexion by delivering harsher acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil combined with nourishing ingredients like aloe and black cumin seed oil which are rich in essential fatty acids that give skin deep, lasting moisturization while also helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It smells very herb-y and earthy which I don’t mind, I’m not too picky with smells if I like the way something works (Artemis smelled like parmesan cheese with a squeeze of lemon lol). I used to use this all over my face everyday twice a day, but I found that to be to drying for my skin type. Now I mainly use it now as a targeted treatment on my t-zone area which is where I get congested and oily, it’s been great for that.


ceramidintaryn⟶ Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream 1.6oz for $48. At the end of last year let’s just say I got a little to happy with my acid exfoliators and my skin freaked out. I was irritated, red, dry, oily and just really confused, my makeup wasn’t sitting well and nothing seemed to work. I took a break from exfoliating and upped my hydration game in an effort to repair the damage that’s when I discovered the Ceramidin range. Ceramides are basically the glue that holds our skin together, and this product contains “ceramide 3” which works like time-released hydration for your skin, it also contains aloe vera which is incredibly soothing, and licorice root which brightens the skin and helps with discoloration. Using this cream was one of the main contributing factors that helped bring my skin back to life.

ferulicretinoltl ⟶ Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Eye Cream .5 oz for $69. When I first started using this cream I was using it day and night. I almost felt like it was drying out the skin around my eyes but after a few weeks I started noticing a tightness around the entire eye area – it was working! This eye cream contains retinol to help combat signs of aging along with a mix of ferulic, amino, glycolic, lactic and alpha hydroxy acids to help brighten and firm while vitamin e and other antioxidants provide nourishment.  I recommend it if you’re looking to battle those little fine lines, it’s a noticeable difference. If your looking for a good anti-aging eye cream, this is it. 

What are some of your empties, and what products are you repurchasing? Let me know in the comments!

xx Taryn




ootd June

Beachy Wynwood vibes

So even though I live in South Beach now I just can’t seem to break out of my all black everything mentality and style. So staying true to my roots I rocked a super comfortable outfit to hang out near the beach and for impromptu waffles at Wynwood Diner.

This pic was taken on the balcony outside my apartment. I love where I live, but the heat can get to you, so I try to stay cool while also dressing like myself. I adored this outfit and was super comfy and cool despite the 90+ temp.

The dress was available at Free People, but found another amazing site who has it for wayyyy less. The necklace has a silver horn and multi chains from Urban Outfitters. The purse is my favorite one at the moment from Zadig Et Voltaire. The booties are from Urban Outfitters, they have a rock and roll meets western vibe that I’m totally digging, and I got them on super sale. I love a good sale. Not wanting to paying full price for anything is a side effect from working retail so long! Anyone else?

What’s your favorite summer dress? Do you adapt your style to fit where you live? Let me know! Until next time..


worth the hype?

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro-Powderctshade1

I struggle with powder. For reference my skin is super dry and dehydrated so basically most powder’s cake up on my skin and make me look like I’ve literally set it with flour. Not a cute look.  I work for roughly 9 hours a day minimum in South Beach,FL so I need something to make sure my makeup isn’t melting off by lunchtime and will last throughout my entire workday. I’ve tried numerous brands from high-end to drugstore and still hadn’t found my holy grail. Needless to say I’ve been on the hunt for a good setting powder for quite a while.


Then the clouds parted and out fell Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder (0.28 oz for $45 USD). I have Shade 1 and Shade 2. I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I used it, this is the most finely milled powder that has ever graced my face. It’s barely detectable on the skin and so lightweight, even in the swatches pictured below I had to really press into the pan get it to show up. When I apply it I use a setting brush (currently the E.L.F Blush Brush) and set my t-zone, my chin also under my eyes. I don’t typically like to take powder over the face entirely because I’ve been preferring more of a glowy “natural” skin look. This magical powder doesn’t settle into my fine lines and most importantly it doesn’t cake up. The powder contain’s hydrating ingredients like rose wax and sweet almond oil and just leaves me feeling luminous courtesy of “light diffusing nano particles” and most importantly keeps my makeup set throughout my long hot day.

Shade 1 (left)                     Shade 2 (right)

I’ve purchased from Charlotte Tilbury in the past so I’m familiar with her stunning rose-gold art deco inspired packaging. I have the “Film Star Bronze and Glow” which is the prettiest everyday bronzer and highlighter along with the “K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in “Bitch Perfect” which is a perfect pinky/peachy/nude color and “Lipcheat Lipliner in Pillowtalk which is a neutral nude pink I’ve practically used down to a nub. All of which I highly recommend.


What I Like: blurs skin, doesn’t cake, texture of product

What I don’t like: price point, limited shade range

Neon makeup look I did, set with the Airbrush Flawless Finish powder.


So is it worth the hype IMO?


I haven’t met a setting powder that rivals this. It keeps my make-up in tact without emphasizing dryness. So have you tried it? Have you tried anything else by the brand? Leave me a comment down below and tell me what your favorite setting powder is I’m always seeking recommendations!

xx Taryn

May Favorites 2018

I’ve discovered and rediscovered a few things in the month of May. I wanted to share what I’ve been loving and what has made a big  impression on me. I have a ton to show you from makeup and skincare, to books. Have you tried/read/worn any of these? I also LOVE seeing and hearing about other people’s favorites so please leave a comment down below and let me know what you have been loving this month..and also if you can get behind the whole tiny sunglasses trend or just enjoy squinting really hard, jk.


 ⟶ Marc Jacobs Slow Burn Poutliner Longwear Lipencil 


This has become my go-to lip pencil. I would describe it as a neutral mauve-y kind of color that’s literally “my lips but better.” Its a gel-cream formula and is extremely soft, it also contains collagen which should help smooth lip lines. My favorite part is the fact that this is a twist up so no sharpener required. On a normal day I will outline and fill in my lips with this then add a little balm on top and it gives me a super natural look which I’ve been in love with. (pictured below)


⟶ Quay “Steal a Kiss” Sunglasses

Quay “Steal a Kiss” sunglasses Lips: Marc Jacobs “Slow Burn”

These have quickly become my go-to sunglasses. They have a thick plastic frame with a super exaggerated cat-eye and have this modern meets old hollywood vibe I’m totally digging. The frame is pretty big which I need to block out the sun here on South Beach. It’s brutal. I just can’t get behind that tiny sunglasses trend, no offense if your a fan! I need massive frames to cover a multitude of sins lol. They also don’t leave those horrible marks on your nose – I know you know what I mean. They are super comfortable to wear, I have the solid black color with silver arms.



⟶ Tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment 


I love this toner, it’s an exfoliating formula which contains glycerin, niacinamide, sulfur, salicylic acid, and lactic acid. This formula is supposed to clear and resurface your skin while balancing your pH. This has helped to shrink my pore size for sure – but it does smell a little like vinegar which I don’t mind because of the benefits. I will mainly use this at night because I don’t want to dry out my skin too much under make-up or over-exfoliate. I sometimes will use my Indie-Lee CoQ-10 Toner after this for balance which contains hyaluronic acid aloe, chamomile and cucumber extracts. And yes, I have 2 toners in my routine at all times both exfoliating and hydrating because the exfoliating toners can be drying to my already dry skin.


⟶ Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel 


I couldn’t figure out what was missing in my skin care routine until a received a sample of this – and went out and purchased the full size the next week. The brand describes this as a cool glass of water for your thirsty skin, and that’s exactly what it feels like when you apply it.  I use this like a serum under my moisturizer for an extra layer of hydration and mix it with C-Firma Day Serum. It doesn’t contain any silicone’s – which is a huge plus and gives you a massive dose of hydrating ingredients like vitamin B5, panthenol and sodium hyaluronate. I don’t get any of those dry skin flakies after a long day and can literally feel the hydration in my skin. Oh and the packaging on all of their products is ah-mazing.


⟶ Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

bigmagicThis is the first book I’ve read by Elizabeth Gilbert and it resonated with me. It’s broken into six parts: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust and Divinity. She talk’s about creative living but not necessarily the picture of it you have in your mind. It’s more along the lines of finding the interesting things in life that bring joy to you not for recognition or anything but for internal happiness. To be more driven by curiosity then by your fear. Without giving too much away I really loved the part where she talk’s about idea’s having their own consciousness and when you ignore them they move on to someone else but sometimes “the idea, sensing your openness, will start to do its work on you.” I feel like this is true in my life, so many times I’ve said “no” or ignored an idea I had only to see someone else do it later and experience regret. This book really inspired me to stop shaking off my idea’s and just do something without thinking it had to be perfect or I had to be perfect. Like she said, “you don’t have to save the world with your creativity”. No regrets.

☆ BONUS FAVORITE – My new playlist on Spotify “Not a Love Song” ☆

the beauty tag


I saw this tag while reading a few blogs and I thought it would be fun to do to help you gain a little more insight into my taste. What do you love about makeup? Let me know in the comments down below!





Do you remember your first makeup item?
When I was in middle school I received a “Hard Candy” eyeshadow quad (back when Hard Candy was still a more pricey brand) and a “Benefit” Kitten Powder puff which is kinda of the equivalent of the “Fenty Beauty” Fairy Bomb now – it was the coolest thing ever.
Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?       I don’t have a perfect mascara, I’m constantly trying new ones but I really like the “Ciate” Wonderwand and the “Too Faced” Better Then Sex – both have similar brush heads that give crazy volume .
What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?
Because I have such dry skin I prefer lighter more luminous and dewy foundations and spot conceal any problem areas.
Favorite high-end brand?
Oohh tough, I really like Marc Jacobs Beauty and have been an Urban Decay loyalist since the beginning of time
What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?
La Mer, it’s so expensive
Favourite drugstore brand?
Do you wear false lashes?
I have on special occasions but thankfully I was blessed with pretty decent lashes so I don’t need to
Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without?
I walk around make-up free all the time but if my eyebrows fade (I dye my hair dark and I’m a natural blonde) I will fill them in to match my dark hair
What is your most cherished beauty product?
My “Charlotte Tilbury” Bronze and Glow, I think I use it daily

black makeup brush with palette
Photo by Studio 7042 on

How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there, or get lots of goodies at once?
I will usually pick up an item here or there, but if there is a sale I will usually stock up BIG TIME
Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?
I don’t have a beauty budget, but I try not to let my addiction get out of control lol
Do you utilize coupons, reward cards, and sales when you shop for cosmetics?
What type of product do you buy the most of?
Skincare now that my needs have changed a bit, but probably eye makeup
Is there a brand you absolutely can’t stand?
Not that I can think of
Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics, like parabens or sulfates?
I do as my skin has become sensitive
Do you have a favorite place to shop for makeup?
Sephora, Ulta, Beautylish, Dermstore and Bloomingdales
Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine?
I change up as my skin needs it, recently I’ve switched a few products around in my night routine
Favorite bath and body brand?
I don’t really have one, I spend so much on makeup and skincare that I usually go with Olay or Aveeno drugstore products for my body
What brand do you think has the best packaging?
Pat McGrath – hands down
Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Gwen Stefani
Do you belong to any online makeup communities?
Not yet
Favorite beauty gurus
I love Kandee Johnson, and Marlena Stell from Makeup Geek – they are OG. I also adore Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge
Do you like multi-functional products like lip and cheek stains?
I don’t use any
Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Usually not, thats my “me” time – however there have been some early mornings before work that have been quite the struggle lol
Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
When I do an intricate powder shadow look yes, mostly just concealer though
How many hair products do you use on a typical day?
My hair is made up of 99.9% dry shampoo on a daily basis
What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
Foundation otherwise you are just caking on product, I’m a fan of lighter coverage foundation and spot concealing after
Would you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Yes, I used to free lance when I was younger but I would love formal training
What do you love about makeup?    
I think I love the power of makeup as a transformer, I love doing a women’s makeup and you can just see their confidence level rise. I love experimenting with different looks, colors, and textures, I love the artistic expression, I love how powerful it can make me feel, like when you go outside and your flick is so sharp you could cut a b**** lmao I LOVE THAT FEELING


the lipstick effect

When you are sad, add more lipstick and attack – Coco Chanel

While applying some lipstick after a bad day I noticed the rush I felt, it was an instant pick-me-up. Looking down at my drawer filled with lip color I thought of how I wanted to dive a little deeper in the history of it all. I began reading and was amazed at the trials, tribulations and overall bad rep it had. I was intrigued about how its evolved over time from persecution and death to the acceptance by mainstream (thanks hollywood!) and why it makes you feel so awesome.

A Women’s Health poll showed 80% of respondents said that the right lipstick can positively impact their mood. And apparently different colors of lipstick give different emotional responses. “Nudes and muted neutrals channel warmth and calm; reds symbolize power; brights, like orange or fuchsia, convey daring; and anything in the plum family is associated with being refined and professional”, says Dr Victoria Fraser, director of scientific communication and consumer beauty at CoverGirl.Procter & Gamble did a study on cosmetics and perception of women in the workplace. It found that makeup can increase perception of a women’s likability, trustworthiness and competence, in and out of the workplace. Try swiping on a little lipstick next time you head to work and see what happens!

Marilyn Monroe

Lipstick has been used as a form of empowerment throughout history for over 5000 years. The powerful Cleopatra wore lip rouge, it could be part of the reason she had 2 of the most powerful men (Caesar & Marc Anthony) after her. Queen Elizabeth I was famous for her “kiss of death” which she wore despite the english pastors calling lipstick the “devils work”, because she believed it had magical powers like the ability to heal and ward off death. She’s also credited with making the first lipliner which consisted of rolling ingredients into a crayon shape and letting it dry in the sun. Almost immediately after her death the English Parliament began condemning lipstick again. If you wore makeup it was punishable as witchcraft, yep I for sure would have been burned at the stake FTW lol. American states also passed laws allowing a marriage to be annulled if the wife used lipstick. Crazy to know that those powdered wigs were seen as tolerable and not a fashion sin but, lipstick = death. Finally in the 1840’s Guerlain, a Parisian cosmetic’s brand made the first commercial lipstick from waxes, butter, grapefruit. The first department store makeup counter opened at New York’s B. Altman’s in 1867. Shortly after, in 1915 American inventor Maurice Levy introduced the first lip color in a sliding metal tube, which is similar to lipstick as we know it today.

Revlon “Fire and Ice” Ad – Circa 1952

Lipstick did have more revolutionary moments in history – The Suffragette’s were an activist group who fought for women’s rights, and equality. They used bright red lipstick as a form of protest making it even more badass. It was now a symbol of female rebellion after a lifetime of being told it was evil and morally wrong by men. A few years with the increasing popularity of “motion pictures” which featured silent film starlets wearing exaggerated dark lips it became mainstream. Looks such as Clara Bow’s “cupid bow” and Mae Murray’s “bee-stung” lips were being emulated by women everywhere. There was even a “clamp” to mold your lips into a cupids bow – much like the “Kylie lip challenge” suction contraptions that surfaced a while back.

Dita Von Teese

At one point they tried to market it as an accessory that represented strength during World War II giving lipsticks names like ‘Fighting Red!‘ ‘Patriot Red!‘ ‘Grenadier Red!. Lipstick was seen as not only a sign of sexuality but a sign of strength. Starlets like Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake and the infamous Marilyn Monroe continued the momentum. Towards the 1960s with the sexual revolution and invention of both the miniskirt and birth control, changed our palette. The neutral lips and dramatic eyes favored by mod fashionista’s like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick were in. By the 70’s disco was going to change that notion with the rise of Studio 54 and Donna Summer becoming popular, this time cherry red glossy lips were in. The 80s brought excessively bright red lips thanks to ladies like Madonna and Linda Carter (the original Wonder Woman) despite the fitness boom, lol leg warmers.


Nowadays we have famous figures like Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefanie who are rarely seen without their signature pout. And we no longer have to worry about lead poisoning or being burned alive for witchcraft. For that I am grateful and love my lipstick just a little bit more. Right now I’m hooked on “Mrs. Mia Wallace” by Urban Decay, and am guilty of recently buying Givenchy’s Le Rouge in “Grenat Initié” after a fight with my bf to lift my mood. The lipstick effect is a theory that states that during periods of recession or economic downturn, consumers will buy smaller luxury goods instead of big-ticket items, such as premium lipstick. I also feel this is true for when were are feeling down.

What are some of your favorite shades and how do they make you feel?
xx Taryn